Does Walmart have a Coin Machine? (Coinstar, etc?)

Date Published: November 2, 2021
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Walmart takes pride in having the capability to provide a diverse range of products and services to its millions of regular consumers.

Walmart has been committed to making a difference in its customers’ lives since the first Walmart store opened in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962.

This brand owes its success to Sam Walton’s foresight, as well as generations of employees dedicated to helping customers and communities save money and live better.

However, you might be curious know if Coinstar machines are available at Walmart stores in different locations.

Does Walmart have a Coinstar in 2021?

Yes, Walmart Does have a Coinstar Kiosk in most store locations in 2021.

Yes, most Walmart shops feature Coinstar Kiosks, which are found in front of the Walmart store and are usually beside checkout counters.

A fee of 11.9 percent will be charged to customers when they use a Coinstar Kiosk.

These fees can be avoided when you choose the “free gift card” selection.

The maximum amount of coins accepted in a single transaction is 2,000 USD.

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What is a Coinstar Machine?

Coinstar, in its most basic description, is the equipment that converts your loose change into regular paper currency, gift cards, as well as using it to donate to various organizations.

Coinstar uses a coin counter machine that charges a fee for the “coin to banknote” conversion.

A coin corporation runs the Coinstar Exchange, which is a gift card exchange.

Coinstar kiosks can be found in the front of the store (between the cash registers and the exit/entrance).

The company operates over 60,000 kiosks across the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, providing a variety of services.

Coinstar also makes e-payment kiosks and prepaid credit card terminals.

Interested to find out if Walmart has a coin machine?

Here’s all I’ve discovered thus far!

How Do You Use A Walmart Coinstar Machine?

Coinstar machines are easy to use and efficient.

Simply place a few loose pennies in the tray and let these pennies enter the machine slowly.

The Coinstar machine will count your coins and read them, so don’t overwhelm it and only give it a set number of coins one at a time. 

You’ll be given a digitally-printed receipt which contains the coin value on it once all of your coins have been counted.

Simply present the receipt to any of the customer service counters, and they will convert your coin value into cash.

How Much Does It Cost To Use a Coinstar Machine At Walmart?

For the time being, Coinstar machines charge a fee to use them.

Currently, roughly 11.9 percent of the coin value you are converting will be charged to you as a fee. 

You should expect to pay a cost of roughly $12 for a total coin worth around $100.

This means that you will receive $88 after your transaction is finished.

Is it possible to avoid the Coinstar fee at Walmart?

The Coinstar machine will count all of the coins that are placed into it automatically, as well as calculate the fee that has been deducted.

Instead of receiving cash, customers are provided with a few other options.

Customers can choose to get an e-gift card that can be utilized at a variety of restaurants and eateries such as Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Theaters, and many more.

Customers can also choose to contribute their money to charity.

Customers who choose one of the said options will not be charged an additional fee.

This means that they will be given the full amount of the coin value at the end of the transaction.

Are there Alternatives to Coinstar Machines?

If there are no Coinstar machines accessible to you or you simply want to avoid paying the entire fee for Coinstar, you can convert your coins into cash at places like First County Bank, Cape Bank, and American Eagle Credit Union, among others.

Non-members may be charged a price, however, most of these institutions provide the service free of charge.

Walmart coinstar machine

Which Walmart Stores Have Coinstar machines?

You can find Coinstar machines in almost every Walmart around the country.

However, they are not available in every store.

Customers can use their mobile device or computer to use the specialized Coinstar service tool called ‘Find A Kiosk’, which allows the customers to search for the Coinstar machine that is nearest to them through a zip code.

They can also find out if the local Walmart stores near them have a Coinstar machine. 

Conclusion: Does Walmart have Coinstar machines in 2021?

Yes, a Coinstar machine may be found in almost every Walmart store around the country.

These devices are simple to operate, although they do require a fee.

Customers can use the Coinstar website to locate nearby machines.