Does Zara Have a Store Credit Card?
We get the question "Does Zara Have a Store Credit Card" and here's what you need to know!

does zara have a store credit card
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Does Zara Have a Store Credit Card in 2023?

No, Zara Does Not Have a Store Credit Card in 2023.

There is no official Zara store credit card, but you can use any other credit card when you’re shopping at Zara. 

If you were hoping to earn bonuses and extra rewards at Zara, you’re out of luck, but there are other ways to save and to accomplish those same ends without a Zara store credit card, so keep reading if you’re interested in learning more!

You’ll find Zara stores in many different malls, where stores are often trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Zara isn’t the only fast fashion brand for younger people in any given mall, so they need to stand out however they can, and to keep people coming back through their doors instead of their competitors.

One way that brands will attempt to stand out is by having unique items that you can’t find elsewhere.

Another way is by offering the lowest prices, or prices that are as low as possible.

Another thing that some brands will do to keep their customers engaged and coming through their doors is to offer a store branded credit card.

does zara have a store credit card

Zara is a fast fashion brand that sells cheap clothing all around the world. Zara is based in Spain and was founded in 1975.

Their yearly revenue is just shy of 20 billion dollars, making this one of the most notable clothing retailers, especially considering that a lot of their items are quite affordable, that means they’re selling an incredible amount of clothing and processing tons of transactions everyday across their many locations.

A store credit card means you’ll see that brand’s logo everytime you take out your card to buy something somewhere, and that you’ll feel more incentivized to visit that store since you’ll usually earn bonus rewards with a store card.

Since Zara is such a popular brand, some people might expect them to have their own Zara credit card, especially people who shop at Zara a lot.

With fast fashion, you aren’t necessarily buying clothing that’s going to last in your wardrobe for years, so it’s easy to find yourself stocking up again and again at Zara each season as new items arrive.

All of that considered, you may be wondering if Zara has their own store credit card, and how to apply for a Zara credit card.

We did the research, and here’s what you need to know.

Should Zara Offer a Credit Card?

There are enough people that are interested in a Zara credit card that it’s worth asking if they should think about introducing one or not.

Zara is in the business of clothing and fast fashion, and not in the business of finance.

Some companies will cross over.

GM and other car companies are good examples of companies that make or sell one thing, but operate in different industries, since many of them offer their own financing plans.

It’s possible that Zara may want to move into other industries like finance at some point in the future, possibly by teaming up with a bank or existing credit card issuer to have a Zara brand credit card, but for the time being it seems that they’re more interested in getting their stores stocked with the latest fashion and not expanding into other fields.

does zara have a credit card

Saving Money at Zara

You can save some money when you’re shopping at Zara in a number of different ways, even if they don’t have a store credit card.

Joining the Zara newsletter is a good way to keep on top of all their latest sales and specials and clearances.

Zara also has semi-annual sales that you can check out to stock up on new clothing a couple times a year, rather than spreading out those purchases all year round when things aren’t on sale. Once you get into this cycle, you can save a ton and get all the same stuff.

If you can wait, Zara often drops their discounts further and further after a sale has started, but you might miss out on some of the things you want if you wait too long.

Zara sells many statement pieces, but it’s also a great place to grab basics like plain shirts, jeans, socks, and the like.

Saving money on your basics frees you up to buy more outstanding statement items of clothing.

Other Ways to Pay At Zara

Now that we know that there isn’t a Zara store credit card, there are still plenty of other ways to pay for your purchases at Zara.

You can use any other credit card, a debit card, a Zara store gift card, and of course – you can always pay with cash, too.

So, even if you aren’t able to get extra rewards by using a Zara store credit card, there are still plenty of other ways to pay.

If your current credit card has a rewards program, you’ll earn some points from that too, at least.


Zara is a great place to get fast fashion clothing, signature pieces, and all the basics without breaking the bank.

It’s generally regarded as being slightly higher quality than some of the other brands at the mall that fit into a similar category, and they have a lot of sales and promos if you keep your eyes peeled.

Zara does not have a store credit card, but they have a lot of other ways to pay and ways to save money, so they don’t really need their own store card anyways.