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send follow requests instagram
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A big part of growing your presence on social media or just expanding your friend circle is to send follow requests on Instagram.

This will alert other accounts that you’re following them (or requesting to follow them), and then they’ll have the option to approve your follow request, or even follow you back, if they want to.

On this page, we’ll be going over exactly what happens when you send a follow request on IG, what the other person sees, how to see the list of people you’ve requested to follow (and who might be blowing you off), and a bunch of other useful information that pertains to follow requests.

Also, we’ll cover what happens when someone else tries to follow you.

Whether it’s your main account or a finsta (“fake Instagram account”), you can choose to have a public profile or a private one that only approved accounts are allowed to follow.

If you’ve decided to hide your Insta profile by making your account private, or you’re thinking of doing it, here’s what you need to know about how it works when people try to follow you (or when you try to follow other people).

How To Send Follow Requests on Instagram

instagram follow requests

Press the follow button on a private Instagram profile and you will automatically request to follow them.

That’s all there is to it. You don’t need to request to follow an account if the account isn’t private.

You can freely follow public Instagram accounts to your heart’s content (just don’t follow too many hundreds at a time, or you’ll be temporarily blocked from following accounts for a while).

Some people try to grow their account by following a bunch of other accounts and sending follow requests in hopes that some of those accounts will follow them back – and when they do this too many times in a row, their account will be temporarily locked down.

You should send follow requests to private accounts only when you actually know them or they have some reason that they might accept the follow. If you’re just spamming follows to tons of private accounts, it’s bad form, since those accounts have already indicated that they’re not really interested in being approached by random people on IG. It’s unlikely they’ll accept your follow request if you don’t know them.

On that same note, if you have a private account, chances are you aren’t going to just accept followers from any random accounts – especially if they’re private!

Private accounts that are totally locked down and where you can’t even really tell who they belong to are often fake accounts, or accounts that people use to “spy” on people whether it’s to send follow requests, or to watch IG stories from people without the person who posted it knowing who’s watching.

How to Find Your Follower Requests On Instagram

Are you trying to find the list of people who have requested to follow you, so that you can approve or deny them?

Maybe you could swear you saw a notification where someone requested to follow you, but now you can’t find where to approve the request?

If somebody requested to follow you and then canceled the request, then you won’t be able to see the request even if you remember seeing a notification.

Otherwise, here’s how to find the list of people who are requesting to follow your Instagram account.

Simply tap the little heart button and you’ll have the option to view the accounts that are currently requesting to follow you.

You can view this when you’re logged into the Instagram app or on a computer through your browser.

What Can People See When Your Account is Private?

send follow requests instagram

If you’re looking at someone’s private Instagram account, or they’re looking at your private account, all that’s visible is the bio.

This includes the name of the account, a website if one has been added, and a bio section. Basically, you can see all of the information about the account other than the photos it posts.

If your account is private, and a random person stumbles across it, they’ll be able to see any profile information you’ve entered but they won’t be able to see your gallery, or your stories, or your reels.

If you want to have a private Instagram account, just remember that any information you input in terms of your profile/bio section will be visible to anybody who visits your profile.

They will also be able to request to follow you, and if you approve the request, they will be able to see the rest of your account including all of your photos, reels, and stories.

Once you’ve approved someone’s follow request, you can follow them back or not, it’s up to you.

If they also have a private account, they’ll still need to approve your follow request.

What About If You Block Them?

If someone has requested to follow your private account and you don’t want to approve them, but you also don’t even want them able to view your bio anymore, then you can block this account.

When they try to search up your account in the future, nothing will show up once you’ve blocked them.

Keep in mind, however, that if they log-out of their account and log-in to a different account, they will be able to search for your username and they’ll know that you’ve blocked them

In this case, you might as well just deny their follow request or ignore it, since even if you block them, they’ll still be able to read your bio from their other account.

For them to bother checking, however, it means that they already think you might have blocked them.

If you would rather avoid all of that, that’s an option, too.