Apps like Houseparty
Best Alternatives & Competitors to Houseparty

apps like houseparty
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According to a post on the Houseparty Blog, Epic Games will be shutting down Houseparty in October, explaining that it’s time to say goodbye to its video chat app.

We have all come to love Houseparty, but now it is time for it to retire, and not surprisingly, it is heartbreaking; but it is now a fact of life.

You can use this list to find some great alternatives to Houseparty.

apps like houseparty

Here’s the Best Alternatives & Competitors to Houseparty:


WhatsApp is a free, multi-platform messaging app that allows users to make video and voice calls, send text messages, share their status, and more with just a Wi-Fi connection.

Because this app is compatible with a wide range of mobile and desktop operating systems, you can continue your conversation at any time and from any location with ease.

It can use Wi-Fi and cellular data to avoid expensive calling fees when making calls.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read so far, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about WhatsApp.

One of the best Houseparty substitutes is WhatsApp.

The app’s video-calling feature allows you to conduct group video chats with seven people.

You can add as many as 256 participants to a group.

Houseparty may have more features, but you can still use WhatsApp to make video calls.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward to navigate.

Google Duo

Like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype, Google Duo is a video and audio calling service developed by Google.

Like Apple’s FaceTime, Duo is a free service that works on iOS and Android devices.

End-to-end encryption is standard with Duo, and you can see a live video feed of your caller before you answer the phone.

You can also call people in your phone’s contacts list with Duo because it relies on your phone number.

The app’s interface is straightforward, making it a breeze to operate.

In addition to Google Duo, there are many other excellent alternatives to Houseparty, but Google Duo is one of the most used options out there.

Google Duo allows video chats of up to 32 individuals, which is great for small to larger online meetings.

Thanks to its simple design, you can use it on any device, which makes it accessible from any location.

The screen sharing, effects, and filters available in Google Duo make it an excellent tool for enhancing your video chats.

apps like houseparty


Facebook Messenger, like WhatsApp, benefits from a large user base, just as WhatsApp does.

No matter how good an instant messaging app is, it’s worthless if the people you want to use it with don’t have it, too.

Facebook Messenger is probably in the top 5 most popular social media platforms in the world.

Almost everyone has a Facebook Messenger.

For most people, the web app is the only way to read Facebook messages on a desktop or laptop.

However, Windows, Linux, and macOS are currently working on and trying to perfect a standalone Facebook Messenger app.

You can even move all your conversations from Messenger to other socmed platforms with just a few clicks.

Group meetings can accommodate up to 50 people through Facebook Messenger’s group video chat feature – a larger group meeting than Google Duo.

Another great benefit of Messenger is that you can use the Watch Together feature to watch videos with your friends even while on the phone.


As a result of Microsoft’s billion-dollar bid to acquire Discord, Discord has quickly become the most popular online communication tool.

Having used it, you will see why.

Using Discord’s simple and intuitive interface, anyone can set up a chat server and communicate with friends and strangers via text, audio, and video.

Even non-gamers use Discord because it is so well-liked.

Discord is an Editors’ Choice for online messaging tools, so open it now if you’re still undecided.

You need to start using it right away in your digital life.

The Discord alternative to Houseparty is one of our favorites, especially for gamers.

It has a unique characteristic that allows you to stream your games live.

You can also invite your friends to join you on the app to play games.

Helpful features on Discord include voice chat and the ability to create custom emojis.

For those who have never used Discord before, this guide will show you how to get started on Discord.

Final Thoughts

These will be the last few times we’ll be using Houseparty!

A great place to meet other gamers was Houseparty, especially for OGs.

However, its popularity has somehow waned, probably due to complacency and resting on its laurels.

And now, since it is being shut down, it is the perfect opportunity to look for alternatives.

Instead, you can use WhatsApp, Discord, Bunch, Google Duo, and Facebook Messenger, all free to download and use.

Feel free to experiment with various options before settling on the most suitable one for your circumstances.

Don’t forget to also collaborate with your fellow gamers on what platform you’ll be using, as they might have their own pros and cons.

Happy gaming!