Walmart Senior Discount – What you need To Know beforehand!

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Is Walmart Senior Discount a Thing? Here’s what you should know.

Neither Walmart’s shops nor its website offers a special discount for seniors on a regular basis or on a specific day.

That’s what corporate customer service and a number of Walmart stores told us.

You should be aware that some Walmart-affiliated companies, such as nail salons, hair salons, and fast food joints, may provide senior discounts of their own.

Some Walmart Subway outlets, for example, give senior citizens a discount on their meal or a complimentary drink.

To find out if senior discounts are available in your area and what the minimum age requirement is, call your local retailer and ask.

How Old Must A Customer Be To Be Considered ‘Senior’?

We don’t know what age customers must be to qualify for Walmart’s existing senior discounts because there isn’t a specific discount for seniors.

When it comes to a wide variety of goods and services at affordable rates, Walmart is unmatched.

You may be wondering whether Walmart offers senior discounts if you’re a regular Walmart buyer over 50.

So, here’s what I found out:

Walmart Senior Discount details as of 2023

The sad news is that as of 2023, Walmart will not be providing any discounts or special offers to anyone over 50.

Walmart’s rollbacks, clearance items, price matching, and coupons allow older citizens to save money.

Is there a discount for AARP members at Walmart?

As of January 2023, Walmart will no longer accept AARP discounts on groceries or other merchandise.

Continue reading to find out more about senior discounts at Walmart and other retailers.

The AARP membership benefits include discounts at Walgreens, RiteAid and, RiteAid as well as Kohl’s as well as Goodwill.

UPS and TJ Maxx also offer discounts to AARP members.

Is There A Senior Discount At Walmart Canada?

Walmart Canada, like its counterpart in the United States, does not offer senior discounts in any of its physical locations or on the internet.

Senior discounts can be found in a variety of Canadian Walmart competitors, such as the home improvement stores Michael’s and Home Hardware as well as the grocery stores Farm Fresh and Tim Hortons and the clothing retailer Jean Coutu.

Shops That Give Seniors Discounts

To keep your finances in order while still taking advantage of the advantages that come with growing older, look into senior discounts.

Remember that senior discounts are not mandated by law, so it’s always a good idea to check with the retailer first.

Whatever it is that you can think of, there is probably a deal available for it!

Grocery businesses, retail boutiques, restaurants, and recreational activities all provide special discounts to elders. 

Among the grocery stores that provide a special senior discount are: 

  • For some Kroger stores, a special discount card for elderly customers is now available.
  • Safeway offers a senior discount card that can be used at all of their locations.
  • Every Thursday, Harris Teeter gives its senios customers a 5 percent discount on all purchases.

Which retailers provide discounts to seniors over the age of 55?

Many retailers in the United States offer senior discounts to customers as young as 55.

Cinemas, restaurants, and grocery stores are examples of places that sell goods on the secondary market. 

The following are a few of these establishments: 

  • IHOP caters to senior citizens with a special 55+ menu.
  • Every day, Michaels offers clients over the age of 55 a 10% discount off most purchases.
  • Every month on the first Tuesday, Fred Meyer offers senior discounts to consumers over 55.
  • Customers over the age of 55 can receive special savings from Sprint and T-Mobile, which both provide cell phone service.

Is There a Senior Discount at Walmart?

Customers over the age of 60 can take advantage of Walmart’s senior shopping hour.

Tuesdays only, from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., are reserved for these special moments.

How Can Senior Citizens Get A Discount?

A senior discount can be obtained quickly and easily.

Customers merely have to ask for a discount or apply for a senior discount card at the retailer of their choice to get a discount.

After that, all the customer has to do is show evidence of age and the discount or discount card will be authorized if persons their age can qualify for it.

It varies from business to store and location to location as to what age someone qualifies for a senior discount.

The majority of the participants are in their 50s to 65s.

Learn about Walmart’s Veterans Policy and Walmart hacks that will save you a lot of money on your next Walmart purchase by reading my other writings on the subject.

Also, if you buy at Costco, you might wonder if the warehouse club offers a senior citizen discount on memberships.

Tips for Seniors to Save Some Cash at Walmart:

However, even if Walmart does not provide a senior discount, there are plenty of other ways to save at the big box store.

There are several ways to save money at Walmart: clearance, rollbacks, special buys.

Walmart offers special prices in stores and online.

Discounted items will be clearly marked on shop shelves, and you can check out Walmart’s current price reduction online as well.

Find a Walmart near you to use these coupons.

The “Coupons” tab, found under the “Store Details” section, displays any available discounts.

Please be aware that expired coupons will not be accepted at Walmart.

Walmart may match a cheaper price if you bring it to their attention. 

Other benefits for cardholders: Use your Walmart credit card to get up to 5% back on your purchases if you’ve got it (as previously reported).

For more details on Walmart’s military discount policy, check out their website.


In the end, there is No Walmart Senior Discount, unfortunately.

Walmart, on the other hand, provides a stress-free senior shopping hour for its older clientele.

Stores that offer senior discounts make it simple to qualify, as most merely require proof of age.