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Here's How to Get Paid to Watch Videos!

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There are many ways nowadays to earn some extra cash in your leisure time.

Watching advertisements on their phones is one way that thousands of people are earing that extra money.

You can easily earn money just by watching ads online via your iOS and Android device.

What makes this easy is that you don’t have to do anything, you can play it in your background of your device, while all the while doing something else.

Here is a list of some of the top reward apps and websites that you can watch ads for money.

They’re all free to download; furthermore, you can even receive bonuses when you sign-up!

Here’s the Best Apps and Websites to Watch Ads for Money:


Watch and get paid by video ads in PrizeRebel.

It’s an online membership reward.

Also, you can refer this to your friends. You can even try out offers. 

Since 2007, the site has paid out more than $22 million to its subscribers.

Countries including Canada and the U.S are several other countries that have access.

How getting paid works:

Cashing out points you have into gift cards or PayPal.

Minimum payout:




An easy and quick method to make more bucks by just streaming video ads has been offered by the market research panel.

On this site, they update their videos every day.

Also, you can use your smartphone or you can use your computer to watch featured videos and TV content that InboxDollar has offered. 

Breaking news, celebrity rumors, modern gastronomy, social media entertainment, health, and environmental technology are among the themes covered by the advertising.

How getting paid works:

There are some cases that you can earn up to $25 because most videos will pay you 5 cents all the way up to 25 cents per video.

Every Wednesday, payments are processed.

Also, InboxDollars offers you cash in the form of a cheque or PayPal, but you can also exchange them for electronic gift cards such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. 

Minimum payout:


You will receive a $5 bonus if you sign up with InboxDollar.

If you want more information and details about InboxDollars, you can click here InboxDollars review.



To gain SB points or Swagbucks points, you have to go to your account, and there you can find the playlist of your videos, only after you have signed up.

Not only does Swagbucks pay you for watching ads, but it also pays you when you play games, also when you surf the internet and order online, but only more than 1,400 retailers.

How getting paid works:

Exchanging your points to cash through PayPal, or by getting gift cards (more than 100 cards can be earned) by redeeming your Swagbucks points.

Minimum payout:


$5 will be your welcoming bonus after you sign up.

Also, so far, this company has paid out more than $575 million to its subscribers.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile

Install the app Nielsen computer software as well as the mobile app, get approved, and then you will receive up to $50 every year.

When you surf the internet, as any regular human being would usually do, it pays you when you browse, shop online, stream videos, and more stuff but only if you install the app.

How getting paid works:

You will receive gift cards by redeeming your points.

Minimum payout:


There will be a monthly sweepstake, which has a maximum prize of $10,000.

But it is only for members that can participate.


quickrewards app

Members of QuickRewards are rewarded for streaming videos, taking online surveys, playing video games when they refer to their friends, and online shopping. 

The process of getting paid will be within 72 hours, and via Paypal, you can receive your redeemed cash. 

2002 was the time QuickRewards started. 



What MyPoints and Swagbucks have in common is that they have been run by the same marketing research company.

1996 was the year MyPoints was launched. 

You can earn points, take polls, read emails, surf the internet, also when you take online surveys, and by referring it to a friend.

By just watching a playlist entirely can you earn allocated points.

How getting paid works:

Through Paypal cash, travel miles and gift cards are ways for redeeming your points.

Minimum payout:

Begins at $5 and is an equivalent of 700 points.

Signing up in MyPoints will then get you a $10 gift card, and that’s a great thing.


What we can tell you about InstaGC is that it is a service where you may get paid simply by viewing advertisements, do surveys, surf the internet, and purchase online in exchange for gift cards

The moment that you request your payout, it will be the moment you will receive the corresponding gift card, it’s just like the name.

How getting paid works:

Payments can also be made with PayPal cards or Visa prepaid cards. Also, you can choose from 1 to more than 330 gift cards.

Minimum payout:


Fusion Cash


Not only by referring your friends and family members will you get paid but also by playing games, taking online surveys, and viewing ads.

2005 was the year Fusion Cash was founded, and it has paid its members more than $1.5 million.

How getting paid works:

You can get paid through PayPal, Check, or even going directly to the bank.

Minimum payout:


iRazoo App


Right now, iRazoo ranks as one of  the most well-known online rewards programs.

You can earn points on this website if you watch trailers from movies, also by streaming videos available on iRazoo TV, as well as by commenting your opinions on advertisements, but only if you are a member.

There are 50 or more programs of video contents that will be accessible to the customer if they will complete the everyday objectives and by reading emails, and you can also make money from it.

How getting paid works:

By turning your earned points into real cash through Paypal or popular gift cards.

Minimum payout:

You will earn $5 if your iRazoo points reach up to 3,000.



Earnably pays you by watching paid advertisements that are from VideoFox and hideout. tv

If you engage with some offers and if you take surveys, will you be paid but only if you are a member.

How getting paid works:

You will be paid through gift cards (Amazon, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Domino’s, Xbox, and more), as well as PayPal. Get paid also in personal wallet coupons or vouchers.

Minimum payout:



An advertisement will be shown on your smartphone almost every moment you open it, but only if you are registered. 

This app is commonly known sometimes as a lock screen app.

How getting paid works:

To redeem cash or gift cards, you will have to have Carats or points.

Success Bux


Members from Success Bux will be paid by viewing advertisements and taking up surveys.

Account owners have acquired no less than $26,000, according to the company’s website.

Vintage APP


Users are paid to simply stare at videos that are to their liking and what entertains them. 

Perk Plastik is a prepaid debit card that can be used for redeeming points and turning them into cash.


This is a site that pays or rewards its members if they complete effortless tasks such as filling out paid surveys, online shopping, surfing the internet or website, or viewing video advertisements.

Gift cards will be redeemable with the points you have earned

In the year 2000, the company CreationsRewards was launched.

Vindale Research

Inviting your friends, taking surveys, reading emails, and watching some advertisements will get you paid with this popular free survey site.

You can start earning as soon as possible by simply visiting the tab with “videos” that can be seen on your surveys page. But only after you join Vindale.

You can get paid for as high as $50 per survey here on Vindale Research. Also, 7 million dollars and more has been paid to its members.

How getting paid works:

Getting paid works by withdrawing your real earned cash through PayPal.

Minimum payout:


$1 bonus will get rewarded to Vindale’s new members. To learn more about Vindale, click here.