Financial Review Board & SME

Our Financial Review Board and Team is comprised of Finance Professionals with real-world experience – Many of which are still working in Financing, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Controller’s and so forth.

Our Financial Review board are vetted to ensure that they can factually evaluate topics that need to be reviewed by a Financial Professional for accuracy and correctness.

Most of our Financial Reviewers simply read over the content before being published, check to ensure that all financially related content (typically money making, side hustle, and terminology) is 100% Accurate and Factual.

If a topic is to financially technical for our team of Contributors, we’ll have one of our Financial Board members research and compose the topic to ensure the complexities and technicalities are properly and easily conveyed to our audience.

This ensures that someone who has actual experience in a topic is writing on the topic. This doesn’t happen often, but we do have our Finanical Review team step in if necessary to ensure 100% accuracy of more Financially technical articles.