Does Burgerville take Apple Pay in 2022?
We get the question "Does Burgerville take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

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If you are from the East coast you may not have heard of Burgerville because they are based in the Pacific Northwest.

Burgerville is a fast food chain in the Northwest that serves food sourced from local farms and businesses.

They’ve really made a name for themselves because of their high quality food and amazing seasonal shakes.

With over 40 locations across the Pacific Northwest, and growing, Burgerville is a must-try if you are in the area.

If fresh, local, and sustainable are your thing – then Burgerville is right up your alley, showing that you can do fast food in a more sustainable way.

If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably thinking about making a run to Burgerville and are wondering if they take Apple Pay.

Well, you’ve come to the right spot, keeping reading to find out!

does burgerville accept apple pay


Does Burgerville Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes, Burgerville Does Take Apple Pay in 2022!

Not only do they take Apple Pay, but you can also use Samsung Pay and Google Pay as well.

Burgerville is a privately held corporation and therefore they have implemented digital wallet payments in all of their restaurant locations!

You can download the Burgerville App and use it with Apple Pay while also earning loyalty points.

What other forms of payment does Burgerville accept?

Burgerville also accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, coupons, and Burgerville gift cards.

If you download the Burgerville App, you can use it to order curbside pickup or delivery, send digital gift cards, pay with your phone, and earn rewards.

Aside from Apple Pay, Burgerville accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay as well.

How to Use Your iPhone to Pay at Burgerville Fast Food Restaurants

To properly use Apple Pay at Burgerville locations, you’ll first need to add your credit or debit card to your iPhone’s Digital Wallet.

Do this by simply visiting the Wallet app on your phone, and then pressing the + button in the top right.

Then, scan your desired card and follow the on-screen instructions to fully enable Apple Pay!

Once this is complete, you are ready to start using your iPhone at checkout, both online and in person.

In order to use your iPhone to pay at Burgerville restaurants, simply let the employee know you’ll be using your digital wallet (Apple Pay) to checkout.

Then, once at the checkout counter, double tap the power button on the right side of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Once you see your Digital Wallet appear, then hold your device up to the transaction mechanism.

You should see a small loading phase, and then a checkmark should appear.

Using Apple Pay with Food Ordering Apps like Uber Eats

Many consumers who wish to order food will inevitably end up utilizing one of the many mobile apps for convenience.

You can definitely use the Burgerville App but there are others available as well.

Customers who are using UberEats, GrubHub, or a similar mobile app can still make use of their Apple Digital Wallet.

In order to do so, it is vital that we first ensure that the Apple Digital Wallet has been uploaded with a valid payment method.

Once this is complete, we are ready to start using Apple Pay via an online transaction medium.

At checkout, simply select Apple Pay as your desired payment method.

Then, scan your form of authentication and verify the necessary details (contact information, shipping details).

Once this is complete, you should be good to go!


Can I Use Burgerville Gift Cards Through my Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, there is no way to store Burgerville Gift Cards in your Apple Digital Wallet.

This means that consumers cannot use Apple Pay in combination with those payment methods.

Those who wish to checkout using this specific payment method must either physically pay at Burgerville’s retail locations, or they must scan the card within one of the food-ordering mobile apps.

You can also add gift cards to the Burgerville App.

Either way, Apple Pay cannot be involved.


Burgerville serves delicious food and even more delicious shakes and they make paying easy with Apple Pay and other digital wallet payment types.

Download the Burgerville App to earn loyalty points towards your next order.

And if you haven’t tried the seasonal Strawberry Milkshake, what are you waiting for?