Does HEB take Google Pay
We get the question "Does H-E-B take Google Pay" and here's what you need to know!

does heb take google pay
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Does H-E-B Take Google Pay in 2023?

No, H-E-B does Not take Google Pay. 

Many H-E-B registers already have the NFC technology in place to support Google Pay; however, it isn’t yet activated.

It means that H-E-B does not accept Google Pay or Apple Pay in-store, on its website, or app.

With more than 340 stores across Texas and North-East Mexico, H-E-B is a giant department store where it’s possible to grab virtually anything.

The family-grown business constantly expands its manufacturing processes to meet the high demand for its own-brand products.

Stores are almost always busy, the need to get customers through the checkouts quickly and efficiently has never been more evident.

With technological advances and the advent of mobile, contactless payments, you might wonder, does H-E-B take Google Pay?

This article discusses ways to pay across all of H-E-B’s operations.

does heb take google pay

Why doesn’t H-E-B take Google Pay?

H-E-B might not currently accept Google Pay or Apple Pay which requires the same NFC technology, but it is looking like they may do in the future.

This is an August 2021 reply from a disgruntled customer questioning the lack of contactless payment options;

“Thank you for reaching out! We are currently looking into Apple Pay (and Google Pay)

and all other innovative ways to enhance our customer’s shopping experience”

Does this mean that 2023 might see the retail company have a change of heart?

Other reasons…

  1. Some of the smaller stores simply don’t have the infrastructure required to support NFC Payments
  2. Many of the larger stores introduced HEB Go and, possibly fear rival contactless payment methods might detract from it

What is H-E-B Go?

Download the free app to your phone, either iOs or Android.

Link your chosen payment card, selecting one as default.

Once instore log into the app and begin shopping.

Place bags into the cart and use your phone as the scanner; bag as you go.

When you have finished find the GoKiosk and scan the QR code.

It links to your app and settles the bill.

An H-E-B customer service agent confirms the transaction and you’re good-to-go, efficient, fast, and contactless.

H-E-B Go is fast, secure, and enables the company to track your purchases and send personalized coupons your way.

HEB google pay

Ways to Pay at H-E-B Stores

HEB might not accept NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless methods, but they do provide multiple other ways to pay;


  • Cash
  • PIN activated debit cards
  • PIN activated credit cards (all major companies)
  • Personal checks (in certain stores)
  • Gift cards
  • eGift cards

Conversely, some shoppers experience success using Samsung Pay in certain H-E-B stores as they don’t use the same technology.

NFC technology employs short-range connectivity between 2 devices to share information.

Samsung Pay uses the existing card swipe technology that some H-E-B stores have.

Paying on the My H-E-B app

If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home or office, H-E-B has got your back.

The intuitive site enables shoppers to fill a virtual cart before choosing curbside pickup or home delivery – usually for a fee.

  • Debit card
  • All major credit cards
  • Gift cards
  • SNAP EBT – for eligible products only

The H-E-B app enables users to clip digital coupons and apply them to online orders for both delivery and collection orders.

H-E-B also accepts the coupons in-store for additional savings.

Will H-E-B Ever Take Google Pay?

H-E-B is a forward-thinking, fast-growing retail outlet with its customers needs and welfare at heart.

In the current climate where people are wary of touching too many surfaces, contactless payment seems the sensible way forward.

At least 4 out of every 10 Americans claim to have used a smartphone at some point to make a digital payment.

Following on from H-E-B’s 2021 statement we hope that the technological wheels are in motion.

Google Pay and its Benefits

Formerly known as Android Pay, Google Pay is a mobile, contactless payment platform.

It enables the user to link credit and debit cards to make fast, secure payments.

It is free to download from the PlayStore onto any Android device; phone, smartwatch, and tablet.

Users then make payments for services and products online, in-store, and in-app.

Use it anywhere the GPay logo is displayed.

Google Pay allows users to exchange money between users.

You can also store transport passes, key cards, event tickets, and much more.

This keeps all important documents in one place and saves the time otherwise spent searching for change, cards, and tickets in a bag.

It is a very fast payment method; users don’t have to make contact with any other surface, including the register.

Touch-free transactions are advantageous, especially in the current climate.


H-E-B does not currently take Google Pay in any of its stores or on its online platforms.

They do, however, accept H-E-B Go, the business’ own contactless payment method that relies on QR technology.