Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?
We get the question "Does Walmart take Google Pay" and here's what you need to know!

Last Updated: January 14, 2022
Date Published: January 14, 2022
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Does Walmart Accept Google Pay in 2022?

No, Walmart does not take Google Pay.

In fact, it doesn’t support any form of digital wallet type payment other than its own Walmart Pay.

Although a few users report success with older versions of Samsung Pay, this is very sporadic.

Apple Pay also isn’t an accepted payment method and Walmart has no plans to add the three big e-wallets at their checkouts.

Does walmart accept google pay

It is difficult to imagine a life without Walmart.

The store is there late at night when you realize you have nothing for tomorrow’s lunchboxes when you need to pick up a new television set, collect items from the pharmacy, or do your weekly grocery shop.

There seems to be very little that Walmart doesn’t stock and the well-priced brand is a mainstay in the lives of many families.

As such, fast and convenient ways to pay at the checkout improve the customer experience.

Does Walmart accept Google Pay or any similar digital wallets is useful to know before heading in-store and making any purchases?

What is Walmart Pay?

Walmart accepts only one kind of digital payment; Walmart Pay. Downloadable from iOS Play or Apple Store, it is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices.

walmart payIt is a safe and efficient way of paying for Walmart products both in-store and online.

How Walmart Pay Works

Download the app to your device; it is available for all mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops.

When prompted, add your chosen credit and debit cards. Choose the primary card; this will remain as default payment unless you scroll and opt for another.

Save the cards.

You are now ready to use Walmart Pay for all products excluding fuel.


  • Scan all of your products at the checkout, this works with both self-scan and Walmart colleague checkout
  • A QR code should appear on the NFC reader
  • Open the Walmart app, tap Walmart Pay
  • Follow the instructions on your phone/watch screen, either enter 4-digit passcode or use Touch ID for security verification
  • Hold your device over the QR code for a few seconds until a beep alerts the transaction is complete.
  • You should receive an e-receipt, signaling the process is completed.


If you’re a frequent shopper at, it might be worthwhile adding a payment method to your account to make checkout faster.

Save all of your cards and gift cards to your online wallet; they are encrypted and saved on a secure server.

At checkout, select the  “Walmart Pay” or “Use MyCard” option to finalize the transaction.

Other Payment Methods Accepted In-Store at Walmart

While Walmart doesn’t support digital wallets other than their own, they do offer their customers a plethora of ways to pay when they reach the checkout.

  • Cash
  • Visa and most debit cards with the Visa logo
  • MasterCard and most cards displaying the MasterCard logo
  • All major credit cards including American Express, Discover, and Novus
  • PayPal Cash (beware of the $3 charge per transaction)
  • WIC – a benefit to help low-income pregnant women, infants, and children below 5
  • Checks – they have to undergo a short verification process
  • Personal checks – must be supported by photo ID and pass a verification check
  • Gift cards
  • Coupons

Other Payment Methods Accepted for Walmart Online Purchases

Walmart Pay is the only digital wallet available for online payment but there are many other acceptable ways to pay.

  • EBT – not currently available in Louisiane, Montana, or Alaska
  • All major debit cards
  • All major credit cards
  • Girt cards and e-gift cards
  • Capital One Walmart Credit cards
  • PayPal and Affirm are also available at the checkout, although neither can be added to the mobile wallet.

Payment by WIC and AfterPay are not currently viable options at

does walmart take google pay

Why Walmart Should Consider Using Google Pay

Google Pay, or GPay as it’s often called, is the replacement service for Android Pay.

It is an online payment system developed by Google enabling its users to make secure, contactless payments via mobile devices such as phones, watches, and tablets.

It is fast, efficient and available for use on apps, websites, and in-store.

Google Pay replaces tap or swipe payment methods, and can be used anywhere you see the GPAy or Contactless logos.

GPAy allows the user to store a variety of payment types safely, but it also enables storage of loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, public transportation tickets, health records, and many other important documents.

Contactless payment is the future.

Never has it been more evident than in the current climate; who wants to touch a screen or keypad where countless other dirty fingers have gone before?


Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay and neither does it have any imminent plans to.

The global retail giant is currently satisfied with the performance of Walmart Pay, its own digital payment method.

The supermarket chain doesn’t fear it is missing out

on the 20-million and rising US  users of digital wallet payment solutions.

Conversely, in 1999, Walmart acquired more than 500 Asda stores in the UK, making them one of the largest retailers in the country.

Asda accepts Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay. We wonder how long, if at all before Walmart follows suit?